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Distinguished and Famous people from Toodyay

Moondyne Joe (Joseph Bolitho Johns)

Moondyne Joe was a famous Australian bushranger who gained notoriety for repeatedly escaping from prison. He was born in Toodyay, Western Australia in 1826. Moondyne Joe became a folk hero known for his cunning and audacity in outwitting authorities and escaping custody.

Siddon Family

The Siddon family, consisting of James Siddon and his three sons, played a significant role in the early settlement of Toodyay. James Siddon, a prosperous landowner, arrived in Western Australia from London in 1830 and established a farm near Toodyay. His sons, Edward, James Jr., and Charles, became prominent figures in the region, holding positions as politicians, magistrates, and business leaders.

Sir James Mitchell

Sir James Mitchell was a West Australian politician and the 13th Premier of Western Australia. He was born in Toodyay in 1866 and served as Premier from 1919 to 1924. Mitchell made significant contributions to the development of Western Australia's infrastructure, including the establishment of the Public Works Department and improvements to roads and bridges.

Mervyn John Ellison

Mervyn John Ellison, born in Toodyay in 1930, was an Australian rules footballer who played for the West Perth Football Club in the West Australian Football League (WAFL). Ellison had a successful career as a full forward and was a key player in West Perth's premiership victories in 1951 and 1955. He represented Western Australia in interstate matches as well.

Veronica Brady

Veronica Brady was an Australian writer, literary critic, and academic. Although not born in Toodyay, she lived there for over 20 years and considered it her spiritual home. Brady authored numerous books and essays on Australian literature and culture, exploring themes of identity, social justice, and Aboriginal rights throughout her work.

David Unaipon

David Unaipon was an Aboriginal Australian of the Ngarrindjeri people, an inventor, and an author. Although not directly associated with Toodyay, he deserves mention due to his significant contributions to Australian society. Unaipon held several patents for inventions, including a shearing machine and a centrifugal motor. He also authored numerous works on Aboriginal culture and mythology, becoming one of Australia's most important Aboriginal figures.

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